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In Bloodlines – Awakening, the language, fruits, food, scenery and people of Jamaica who populate this story, make the setting for this tale, almost magical.

The love of Charlie’s grandmother for him, is one side of the coin, the abuse of his stepfather, the other. The two inhabit one space, divided by a thin line – the interplay like light and shadow on a cloudy day. Charlie’s grandmother was an integral part of his life when she was alive and he was younger, and after she dies, her spirit continues to comfort, guide, and protect him. She shapes him, and continues to influence him throughout his life.

The intertwining of the paranormal, with the tenderness and passion Cora’s mother and father – Emma and Jonah share – are a shocking contrast. The prayers of destruction Emma calls down from God onto her would-be attackers, seems harsh coming from a woman who cares so much for her husband, children, and friends. It makes Emma seem like two people.  But again, we see the two sided coin – one side caring, the other side, a rain of vengeance – both meshed together like star-crossed lovers.

At the core of this tale is love. This book celebrates not only hope, but perseverance and triumph. Bloodlines – Awakening, celebrates life.