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In writing this book the writer has been refreshingly funny, impressively informative and oh, so sad. She uses flashbacks as an effective tool to spin this tale about her homeland Jamaica, about relationships, anger and love. The characters and story span three generations and will make the reader laugh, cry, sigh and feel triumphant when it is seen how deftly crime and consequent punishment are handled.

She understands fully the essence of different situations and takes the reader along for the ride, making them feel like a part of this wonderful story. Her management of strange situations boggles the mind and raises the writing bar to a new level.

This writer has produced a literary work of art of which she can justly be proud.

I await Book Number 2 with bated breath!

Jo – Ohio


Bloodlines-Awakening is a novel about love, family, and the paranormal, but the real magic is in the narrative style. Harris entices the reader through language. In a perfect balance, she combines Jamaican patois with standard English. In this way, the reader is able to easily follow the text while hearing the lovely voices of Jamaicans who come from rural areas. The characters, especially Charlie and Cora, steal the heart of the reader. They are authentic and hopeful. Both adolescents and adults will be enamored by their story.

Nancy – Arizona


There is so much I could say in this Review, but I do not wish to end up writing another book in the process.

This writer has displayed exceptional talent. The story affected me so much I had to hastily discard the book sometimes because it was getting too intense for me.  Tears come often to my eyes, touched by the many different emotions this writing evoked. Indeed, the mastery that was given to real-life relationships was not ordinary.

Jamaicans living abroad will welcome this array of memories of the home that they left maybe as children – and perhaps never got the chance to return to.  The wonderful food, the music and fun and more, that they might have forgotten about Jamaica, are vividly brought back to life in this book.

This story is about two families. It is about Jamaica, relationships, fun, anger, and love. It will make you feel sad and angry, joyous and victorious!

The author’s style of writing delves deeply into the core of a mood and pulls you in. Her depiction of extraordinary circumstances is amazing. These graphic descriptions led my imagination down avenues that I had not yet encountered. Comparing this book with her first – Medusa – the Beginning, I can see how much KD’s writing has matured, her rose has reached full bloom.

Congratulations KD. Harris.

Dasneth – Jamaica


The novel, BLOODLINES was a wonderful read. It tells the story of three generations of two families. It focuses heavily on two children in these 2 families – Charles Wright, and Cora Just. I really loved it – the characters, the storyline, the vistas painted of Jamaica, its food, fruits, people, and the scenery. But most of all, I love particular segments of this book. There are many. I will now tell you about three of them.

When his grandmother dies and Charles goes to live with his mother and stepfather, he experiences a life of such abuse it is heartrending. But his grandmother’s spirit holds him up, counsels him, and makes him strong, so that he can survive this horrendous period.

When Cora’s mother uses her incredible power to punish some thieves who threaten her family, I am grateful that she shows some remorse. When she kills again, I am glad she shows compassion. Killing someone, no matter how deserving of that punishment, should make the bringer of such destruction, at least pause and reflect.

But the most awesome section of the book for me, was when Charles becomes something more than himself. Those were just three of the events in this book, which made my heart pound. I had to stop reading for a bit, just to calm myself down.

I love the way the author weaved the story of good and evil, crime and punishment, relationships and just life in general like a fascinating tapestry. I love how she entertains the reader while educating them on some topic. That’s sneaky, but I really like it.

I look forward to Book Two of this series with great anticipation, because I love these characters, and also the storyline.

Then there’s the final chapter in this first book, which leaves me wanting more, as fast as I can get it.

Mayesa – Jamaica